Railway – in honour of Terry Baldwin

Neil Mundy (who works in our Specials/ Rack Build Department) is a keen model railway enthusiast and has an extensive indoor railway. Neil is now venturing to the outside and is in the process of planning a track layout for his back garden. He says “I have now started the track planning to get the best layout. Over the next few weeks I will start putting the wooden boards in place for the track to go on and, hopefully, within a few months, the train will be going round the layout.”

“I will be dedicating this layout to Terry Baldwin for giving me some track and a train to get my project started. It was his wish was for me to build this so I am and it will be great to see it working when done and I will be placing a plaque on the railway in Terry’s name.”

Last year Neil put the track together to try it out: see the video.

Neil will keep us updated with the progress – so feel free to ‘watch this space’!

[responsive]Neil Mundy Rail Track Garden honour Terry Baldwin2[/responsive]

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