Stand-Alone Emergency Assistance Alarm Kit

All-in-one Emergency Assistance Alarm Kit

The toilet alarm kit provides an all-in-one solution for a stand-alone Emergency Assistance Alarm Kit.

The ‘four-part’ kit comprises of a Controller, Pull Cord, Reset Point, and Overdoor Light/Sounder. In addition, the kit includes a blue vinyl self-adhesive WC sign and a Euan’s Guide card (for fitting to the cord to help prevent it from being tied up or generally made inaccessible).

Indication (visual & audible) of an incoming call for assistance is at the connected Control Panel. The Call is Accepted at the Panel and reassures the caller that helps is on the way (visually and audibly).

The BVOCDTA stand-alone Alarm Kit is fully compliant BS8300-2:2018.


  • Independent, stand-alone kit
  • White or stainless steel finish
  • Call acknowledge feature (when enabled)
  • Integral power supply – requires mains power
  • Monitored battery backup
  • ‘Supply’ & ‘battery healthy’ indicators
  • An additional overdoor light can be added to a kit
  • Up to two additional call points can be added to a kit

Combined power supply and controller with reset/call acknowledge button

Pull Switch
Ceiling mounted pull with two ‘G’ pulls

Reset Point
Reset button (and LED) to reset calls locally

Overdoor triangular lens with integral sounder to attract attention

WC Sign
Self-adhesive, vinyl, disabled toilet sign

Euan’s Guide
A card to be fixed to the red pull cord to advise on the importance of allowing the cord to hang freely

  • The ‘four-part’ BVOCDTA Emergency Assistance Alarm Kit can be added to an OmniCare/OmniCarePLUS system via a repeater/interface unit (BVFREPEM). However, we recommend the DTAKIT & BVOCRIF for connection to the EVC system
  • Multiple BVOCDTA Kits can be connected to a BVFREPEM (will show as one point on the control panel)
  • As an alternative, one Kit and an additional ceiling pull can be fitted to one line
  • It is possible to add other optional products to the Kit*

*Adding additional points to the standard BVOCDTA may result in non-compliance with BS8300. Dependent upon the system layout, some components may be unmonitored

Complete ‘4-part’ Kit
Includes: CTRL, BVOCCSS, BVOCODL, CRP, DTALAB & Euan’s Guide
0.62 kg

Complete ‘4-part’ Kit
Stainless steel

Mix & Match Options
Purchase items individually to suit requirements
Each operational ‘kit’ requires:

  • Controller
  • Call point
  • Reset point
  • Overdoor light

Power Supply/Controller
White / stainless steel
Requires 35mm deep double backbox

Overdoor Light/Sounder
White / stainless steel
Requires single gang backbox

Call Point – Ceiling Mounted Pull Cord
White / stainless steel
30mm x 80mm(diam.) / requires single gang backbox

Call Point – Button
Stainless steel
Requires single gang backbox

Call Point & Reset Point – Buttons
Stainless steel
Requires double gang backbox

Call Point – Button 
White / stainless steel
Requires single gang backbox

WC Sign
Blue vinyl
110mm x 110mm

Required for connection to OmniCare 

Key Benefits

Safe & Compliant

British Standards BS8300-2 Code of Practice

BS8300-2 is a BSI Standards Publication code of practice providing guidance on inclusive and accessible design of buildings and the spaces within them to ensure an accessible and inclusive environment.

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