Baldwin Boxall emerges as Industry Leader

Following a successful OmniCALL preview at the Fire & Safety Event, NEC Birmingham

In a move set to redefine safety communication standards, Baldwin Boxall proudly previews Patent pending OmniCALL Emergency Voice Communication (EVC), a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionise Emergency Voice Communication across the UK and beyond. 

With its groundbreaking features such as 2 Core Loop, non polarity, and unmatched capabilities, OmniCALL EVC represents a significant advancement in this field, promising enhanced safety protocols and streamlined operations.

OmniCALL EVC at the Fire & Safety Event, May 2024

Nick Baldwin, Sales, and Marketing Director, expressed his excitement regarding the preview of the patent pending OmniCALL EVC, stating,

"We're thrilled to unveil OmniCALL after years of development, soon to be available in the market. This innovative system exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that prioritise life safety alongside efficiency. Our advancements in EVC systems brings a new level of flexibility to businesses. The unique capability of this product, seamlessly integrating 2-core loop, non-polarity dependence and radial formations, sets us apart from the competition. It's not an exaggeration to say that this will revolutionise the market, firmly establishing Baldwin Boxall as a leader in the industry."
nick baldwin sq
Nick Baldwin
Sales & Marketing Director

OmniCALL EVC boasts several standout features that distinguish it from conventional systems:

OmniCALL’s 2-Core Loop System introduces a revolutionary approach to emergency voice communication. Its patent-pending technology significantly reduces installation time, ensuring seamless integration into any business environment.

With non-polarity dependence, OmniCALL eliminates the risk of wiring errors, facilitating a hassle-free setup process for users.

OmniCALL’s extended loop distance results in significant cost savings and an eco-friendlier solution, offering unparalleled versatility for diverse project requirements.

Supporting both loop-wired and radial-wired outstations on one system. OmniCALL provides unmatched flexibility, allowing businesses to tailor their communication systems to specific needs.

omnicall evc system

Anthony Morgan, R&D Director, emphasised OmniCALL EVC’s sustainability benefits, stating,

"OmniCALL enhances safety while contributing to a more sustainable environment through both reduced power consumption and materials required during an installation. Our dedication to innovation has resulted in a groundbreaking solution seamlessly integrating 2-core loop and radial technologies, offering a competitive alternative in EVC systems as well as being designed to be fully compliant with the BS5839 standard.

Compliance is a top priority with OmniCALL, featuring advanced remote induction loop technology to ensure adherence to industry standards for reliable emergency communication.

Furthermore, OmniCALL priorities inclusivity with standard Disabled Refuge Remotes equipped with Braille and luminescent text, setting a new benchmark for accessible emergency communication systems."
anthony morgan 24
Anthony Morgan
R&D Director

Baldwin Boxall’s OmniCALL EVC: Redefining Safety Communication with Innovation and Excellence.

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