VIGIL Eclipse5 Standalone PAVA System

Fully integrated, modular Voice Alarm System

VIGIL Eclipse5 is a powerful, standalone voice alarm and public address system, built with VIGIL3 technology. Fully networkable, the Eclipse5 is capable of up to 16 outputs and is the perfect solution for any site, particularly where space is limited.

VIGIL Eclipse5 provides incredible flexibility when it comes to system design. With a range of amplification options using our latest transformerless amplifiers and input options including our touchscreen controllers and microphones.

The slim profile of the VIGIL Eclipse5 system makes it the perfect choice for installation within the risers of buildings requiring a Public Address and/or Voice Alarm system.

With its modular design, ability to include up to 16 outputs and flexibility in cabling options, the VIGIL Eclipse5 is scalable and an excellent option for larger networked systems – even forming part of a VIGIL3 rack system.


  • Fully integrated voice alarm system
  • Takes up minimal floor space 
  • Secured by bolting to a wall or suitable solid upright
  • Each Eclipse5 is capable of up to 16 zones
  • Connect up to 8 inputs to each Eclipse5
  • Supplied with backup batteries – 24 hours quiescent & 30 minutes full use as standard (longer times possible)
  • Separate battery box to house additional batteries (required for some systems)
  • Choice of amplification for full flexibility
  • VIGIL3 Ethernet routeing backbone
  • Message synchronisation – even on decentralised systems
  • Store up to 254 monitored messages
  • Fully monitored – using either AC or DC line monitoring methods
  • Compatible with all VIGIL3 modules
  • Network via copper, multi-mode fibre, single mode fibre or any combination of these
  • 64 simultaneous audio channels
  • Network up to 100 Eclipse5 units – enabling up to 400 inputs and 800 outputs

Eclipse5 case, with
1 x BV3AOM8, 1 x BVMBC, 1 x fan assembly
Fit up to 4 VIGIL3 amplifiers
1125mm x 500mm x 200mm

Amplifier tray
1 required per amplifier

Battery enclosure (optional) 
Required if >2 amplifiers in BVECASE5
Floor standing (mount directly below & affix to the BVECASE5)
Supplied with plinth & plinth cover
785.5mm x 500mm x 200 (inc plinth)

Battery box charger tray
Required if >1 BV3AOM8s needed (i.e. >8 zones)
Enables fit of an BV3AOM8 in BVECASE5BATT

BV300D / BV150D / BV075D
Amplifier – transformerless
Dual 300W / Dual 150W / Dual 75W
142mm x 75mm x 311mm
3.1 kg / 2.3 kg / 2.3 kg

BV150Q / BV075Q 
Quad 150W / Quad 75W
142mm x 75mm x 311mm
3.1 kg / 3.1 kg 

Audio output module
75mm x 71mm x 311mm
1.1 kg

Audio input module
2 inputs / 4 inputs
DIN rail mounted
111mm x 129mm x 55mm / 111mm x 129mm x 75mm
0.36 kg / 4 kg

Battery charger/monitor module
75mm x 71mm x 311mm
1.1 kg

Networking interface
Copper / multi-mode fibre / single-mode fibre

Key Benefits

Safe & Compliant

EN54 Certified

BS EN 54: Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems, is a mandatory standard that specifies requirements and laboratory testing for every component of fire detection and fire alarm system.

UKCA UK Conformity Assessed

UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking on products replaces CE marking in the UK and requires that certification of construction products, such as VACIE / Voice Alarm Control & Indicating Equipment is performed by a UK-based approved body.

British Standards BS5839-8 Code of Practice
BS 5839-8 is a BSI Standards Publication code of practice providing recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of voice alarm systems that automatically broadcast speech or warning tones, in response to signals from their associated fire detection and fire alarm systems.

VIGIL Eclipse5 Standalone PAVA System

Built on VIGIL3 Technology, VIGIL Eclipse5 is built with VIGIL3 technology is compact, powerful, and flexible.

Documentation & Downloads

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VIGIL3 Product Range

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Amplifiers

Transformerless amplifiers, modular, energy-efficient and powerful. Range includes dual & quad amplifier options.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Battery Charger

Compact module continually monitors system backup batteries & charges them whenever necessary.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Audio Output Module

With VIGIL3 there is no need for the conventional ‘router-style’ control. Supports up to 8 audio outputs – network up to 100 units.

Voice Alarm

Powerful stand-alone, wall-mounted PAVA system. Ideal for fitting into building risers or places where space is limited.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Audio Input Module

6-band parametric EQ and programmable priority for each input. Configure every input from a single point on the VIGIL3 network.

Voice Alarm
Built on a dedicated, fault-tolerant, Ethernet backbone with a range of networking options.
Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Line Monitoring

All critical signal paths of a voice alarm system must be fully monitored & faults automatically indicated on key parts of the system.

Audio Loudspeakers


Powerful high-clarity loudspeakers for public address and voice alarm systems for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Microphones for Voice Alarm (VA) & Public Address (PA)

Touch Control

User-configurable, large format touchscreen Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables graphical control of our VIGIL3 and Eclipse5 systems. Upload logos, background images, edit buttons and much more.

Touch Control

Easy-to-use microphone with a touch sensitive screen for full control of a VIGIL3, VIGIL2, Eclipse4 or Eclipse5 system. Multi-function: NFC log in, select & route background music, emergency control mode and more. 

Fire Microphones

Baldwin Boxall Emergency Fire Microphones are housed in a robust, lockable steel enclosure and include a rugged, fist-held microphone console. Wall mountable and rack mounting units available.

Paging Microphones

BDM400 range of intelligent PA microphones with a variety of features to suit all installations. Suitable for connection to any of our voice alarm or public address systems – including VIGIL3 & Eclipse5.

Ambient Microphones

Ambient Noise Sensors (ANS) continually monitor the noise level (in a zone/area) and automatically adjust the volume of system broadcasts to that area – thus ensuring audibility at all times. Connect as part of any of our voice alarm systems.

Room Panels

Control Panels enable local control of audio facilities such as volume adjustment, music source selection and microphone input.

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