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Life Safety Communication Systems

VIGIL3 is our next generation Voice Alarm system and, together with the CARE2 EVC, OmniCare EVC & OmniCarePLUS Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems (which include Emergency Assistance Alarms), are some of the leading life safety communication products that we design and manufacture in the United Kingdom.

Ideal for many environments including commercial, residential, educational, healthcare, and transportation facilities, Baldwin Boxall has carefully engineered life safety communications systems and products which are scaleable, flexible and dependable.

Safe and fully certified, our systems and products are built in the United Kingdom, quality tested and equipped with a standard 7-year warranty, we provide some of the most innovative and affordable solutions on the market without compromising on our service or functionality.

Voice Alarm (VA) & Public Address (PA)

Voice Alarm & Public Address

VIGIL3 is our next generation Voice Alarm system providing the assurance of top quality British manufacturing along with system that we have designed with a vision of future-proofing our technologies for many years to come.

Voice Alarm & Public Address

VIGIL Eclipse5 is a powerful stand-alone, wall-mounted PAVA system. Ideal for fitting into building risers or places where space is limited and provides incredible flexibility when it comes to system design.

Public address

Modular and fully networkable, VIGIL Eclipse5-PA is a powerful standalone wall-mountable Public Address system. Using our latest VIGIL3 Amplifiers, the Eclipse5-PA provides the perfect public address solution. 

Voice Alarm & Public Address

Whether you need graphical GUI, touchscreen or button control, emergency voice alarm control or public address microphones, you will find the solution in our ranges of microphone and control options.

Voice Alarm & Public Address

High quality and reliable loudspeakers are an essential component of any good voice alarm or public address system. We have available a range of robust, easy-to-install loudspeakers for your system.

Room Panels

Control Panels enable local control of audio facilities such as volume adjustment, music source selection and microphone input. Two panel types available with cover option.

Voice Alarm & Public Address

Our predecessor voice alarm system with EVAS routeing technology. Compatible with VIGIL3 amplifiers and charging modules. Currently available,  although we recommend VIGIL3 for new system installations.

Voice Alarm & Public Address

VIGIL Eclipse4 is a wall-mounted voice alarm system employing VIGIL3 amplifiers and battery chargers with VIGIL2 EVAS routeing technology. Currently available,  although we recommend VIGIL3 for new system installations.

Public address

Telephone paging interfaces enable Public Address systems to be integrated with standard telephone systems. Users can simply use their desktop telephone handsets to broadcast announcements.

Emergency Voice Communication (EVC)


OmniCare EVC is fully expandable enabling up to 127 outstations – in any combination. Control panels and outstations are available in a choice of finishes, including our Advance Disabled Refuge and combined Disabled Refuge & Fire Telephone option. Bespoke finishes for outstations are also available upon request.


OmniCarePLUS makes it possible to install especially large Disabled Refuge/Fire Telephone Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems with up to 2,048 outstations on a single loop-wired system. Site-wide control is by touchscreen and local control points via panels. Compatible with all OmniCare outstation options.


CARE2 is our radial-wired EVC system and has been developed to provide an alternative EVC option to our popular loop-wired OmniCare systems. Control Panels are 4-way, expandable up to 16-way. Networkable system feature via Network Expansion Panels. Full range of EVC outstations, including Roaming Telephones.

Emergency Assistance / Toilet Alarms

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance Alarm Control Panel with the ability to connect to up to 4 of our emergency assistance toilet alarm kits. Robust, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, stand-alone, disabled toilet alarm solution.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance Alarm kit for our DTA4 control panel and OmniCare & CARE2 EVC systems. Available in white or brushed stainless steel finishes. 3-part kit with adhesive WC sign. Mix & match finishes, including IP65 options.

Emergency Assistance

Single-way, stand-alone toilet alarm kit. Available in white or brushed stainless steel. The 4-part kit includes control panel, over-door light, pull cord, reset switch and adhesive WC sign.

EN54 Certified

BS EN 54: Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems, is a mandatory standard that specifies requirements and laboratory testing for every component of fire detection and fire alarm system.

British Standards BS5839-8 Code of Practice
BS 5839-8 is a BSI Standards Publication code of practice providing recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of voice alarm systems that automatically broadcast speech or warning tones, in response to signals from their associated fire detection and fire alarm systems.
British Standards BS5839-9 Code of Practice

BS5839-9 is a code of practice for those who install, maintain and commission EVC systems, giving guidance on how to install an effective system as part of a fire detection and alarm system covering all components including wireless.

British Standards BS9999 Code of Practice

BS9999 is a BSI Standards Publication providing guidance for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. It includes the provision of evacuation methods and placement of EVC systems.

Baldwin Boxall Customer Support

Does your system require a Service or Maintenance?

Voice Alarm and Emergency Voice Communication systems must work as needed and it is essential that the systems are regularly checked and maintained in accordance with the requirements of BS5839 (Part 8 for VA and Part 9 for EVC).

Whether you need a one-off visit or a full maintenance contract, we are here to help. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our friendly team are experts in servicing and maintaining Baldwin Boxall systems and are ready to provide solution-focused support to ensure your VIGIL systems continue to work as they should.

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