Voice Alarm System With EVAS Routeing Technology

VIGIL2 Voice Alarm system is installed in many prestigious places throughout the world and is fully EN54 certified.

We continue to support and (currently) manufacture VIGIL2, however, you might be interested to know that it has now been superseded by our latest Voice Alarm system VIGIL3.


  • DSP controlled routeing.
  • Two routers in the VIGIL2 EVAS range: BVRD2M and BVRD2M4, as well as slave router options
  • Message synchronisation – even on a decentralised system
  • Up to 5 slave routers can be added to a master EVAS BVRD2M EVAS router. Enabling a maximum total of 68 inputs, 87 outputs and 30 messages
  • Up to 15 priority levels are available
  • ‘All call’ failsafe emergency message generator.
  • Three band parametric EQ plus bass an treble equalisation on all inputs
  • Fully networkable – up to 126 EVAS routers can be networked using fibre or copper

Router master / slave / slave light
Inputs 8 / 12 /6
Outputs 7 / 16 / 8
Message storage 6 / 12 / 6
480mm x 42.5mm x 280mm
3.42 kg / 3.32 kg / 3.26 kg

Inputs 4
Outputs 4
Message storage 6
280mm x 75mm x 270mm

BV225 / BV125D / BV050Q
Amplifier – VIGIL2
Watts: 225 / 125 dual / 50 quad
280mm x 75mm x 270mm

Power supply/charger, for
Up to 2 VIGIL2 amplifiers
280mm x 75mm x 270mm

End of Line monitor
Installed on each loudspeaker circuit
140mm x 80mm x 40mm

End of Line monitor
Weatherproof version of the BEL1
160mm x 100mm x 82mm

Amplifier/Line monitor
DIN rail mounted
With / without Automatic amplifier changeover

DC Line monitor
DIN rail mounted

Impedance monitor
DIN rail mounted
Not suitable for UK

Network card, for
Factory fitted
Enables connection of copper/fibre interfaces

Network interfaces
Copper / single-mode fibre / multi-mode fibre

VIGIL2 IP interface

Safe & Compliant

EN54 Certified

BS EN 54: Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems, is a mandatory standard that specifies requirements and laboratory testing for every component of fire detection and fire alarm system.

UKCA UK Conformity Assessed

UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking on products replaces CE marking in the UK and requires that certification of construction products, such as VACIE / Voice Alarm Control & Indicating Equipment is performed by a UK-based approved body.

British Standards BS5839-8 Code of Practice
BS 5839-8 is a BSI Standards Publication code of practice providing recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of voice alarm systems that automatically broadcast speech or warning tones, in response to signals from their associated fire detection and fire alarm systems.

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When it comes to the systems you rely upon to keep lives safe, complete confidence is the very least you should expect. That's why all new manufactured Baldwin Boxall products come with a manufacturer 7-year warranty as standard.
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VIGIL2 Product Range

Voice Alarm


DSP Routers and Slave Routers in the VIGIL EVAS Range.
Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Amplifiers

Transformerless amplifiers, modular, lighter & highly efficient.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Battery Chargers

Compact charger module is 50% smaller that its VIGIL2 equivalent.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL Eclipse4 is a wall-mounted voice alarm system employing VIGIL3 amplifiers and battery chargers with VIGIL2 EVAS routeing technology.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL2 DSP Networking

Copper, single-mode Fibre and/or multi-mode Fibre for VIGIL Voice Alarm.

Microphones for Voice Alarm (VA) & Public Address (PA)

Touch Control

User-configurable, large format touchscreen Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables graphical control of our VIGIL3 and Eclipse5 systems. Upload logos, background images, edit buttons and much more.

Touch Control

Easy-to-use microphone with a touch sensitive screen for full control of a VIGIL3, VIGIL2, Eclipse4 or Eclipse5 system. Multi-function: NFC log in, select & route background music, emergency control mode and more. 

Fire Microphones

Baldwin Boxall Emergency Fire Microphones are housed in a robust, lockable steel enclosure and include a rugged, fist-held microphone console. Wall mountable and rack mounting units available.

Paging Microphones

BDM400 range of intelligent PA microphones with a variety of features to suit all installations. Suitable for connection to any of our voice alarm or public address systems – including VIGIL3 & Eclipse5.

Ambient Microphones

Ambient Noise Sensors (ANS) continually monitor the noise level (in a zone/area) and automatically adjust the volume of system broadcasts to that area – thus ensuring audibility at all times. Connect as part of any of our voice alarm systems.

Room Panels

Control Panels enable local control of audio facilities such as volume adjustment, music source selection and microphone input.

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VIGIL3 Voice Alarm
Introducing Our Next Generation Voice Alarm


Improved flexibility, scalability and power. VIGIL3 intelligently controls the entire system for a safer fully controlled evacuation when it's needed most.

Our Revolutionising New EVC System


Streamline protocols with unmatched connectivity, versatility, and sustainability.