OmniCALL EVC System

The Future of Emergency Voice Communication

Prepare to redefine safety standards with OmniCALL EVC, Baldwin Boxall’s groundbreaking innovation in Emergency Voice Communication (EVC).

Say goodbye to  compliance headaches and welcome streamlined safety measures effortlessly integrated into your business protocols. With OmniCALL, experience unparalleled connectivity through our patent-pending 2-core loop systems and radial designs, ensuring seamless communication during critical moments.

Stay ahead of the curve with OmniCALL’s cutting-edge technology, designed to elevate safety standards and streamline emergency communication protocols. Our exclusive product preview offers you the first opportunity to experience the versatility and reliability of OmniCALL firsthand.

OmniCALL is more than just an EVC system; it’s a testament to Baldwin Boxall’s commitment to innovation and reliability. Elevate your safety standards with OmniCALL EVC — where innovation meets reliability.

The OmniCALL system is the first of its kind as a combined 2-core loop and radial EVC system.


Patent pending: GB26051525 & EP4302472

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Safe & Compliant

  • Ready for BS8893:2024 compliance — the new standard which states component requirements for an Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system.

Unparalleled Connectivity: OmniCALL’s 2-Core Loop & Radial System

  • Experience a groundbreaking innovation in emergency voice communication with OmniCALL’s unique 2-core loop and radial EVC system. Unlike any other EVC system on the market, our patent-pending technology sets us apart. Say goodbye to the traditional 4-core cables; our system dramatically reduces installation time.

Non-Polarity Dependence: Simplifying Installation

  • Witness the ease of installation with OmniCALL’s non-polarity dependent connection, eliminating the risk of wiring errors within outstations. Our EVC system not only saves you time but also prevents potential damage caused by incorrect wiring, making installation a breeze.

Extended Loop Distance: Simplified Design and Wiring

  • Designing and wiring your emergency communication system has never been easier. With OmniCALL, the loop distance has been dramatically increased, providing total project cost savings. Half the amount of copper cable needed, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

Unrivalled Versatility: Loop and Radial-Wired Compatibility

  • Embrace flexibility with OmniCALL! OmniCALL EVC supports both loop-wired and radial-wired outstations on the same system. Say goodbye to the 200m cable rule, as OmniCALL EVC removes distance limitations between outstations, offering a versatile and cost-effective solution for your projects.

Reduced Power Consumption: A Step Towards Sustainability

  • OmniCALL EVC is not just efficient; it’s eco-friendly too! Benefit from reduced power consumption of an emergency voice communication system, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Compliance You Can Rely On: Advanced Remote Induction Loop

  • Rest easy knowing OmniCALL’s advanced remote features a fully compliant induction loop. Unlike its predecessor, our new EVC system ensures adherence to industry standards for reliable emergency voice communication.

Inclusive Design: Standard Disabled Refuge Remote Features

  • OmniCALL EVC prioritises inclusivity with standard Disabled Refuge Remotes that come equipped with Braille and luminescent text. Accessible and user-friendly, OmniCALL EVC raises the bar and sets a new standard for emergency communication systems.

Seamless Integration: Wiring Assistance Alarms Directly

  • Streamline your installations by wiring Assistance Alarms, such as Disabled Toilet Alarms, directly into the DRS remote. This integration is a testament to OmniCALL’s commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems provide two-way communication between building management or emergency services and people inside a building who require assistance with evacuation in an emergency. Communication is made between a central location point and a number of points known as ‘outstations’ located around a building or building complex.

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Safe & Compliant

British Standards BS893:2024 Compliance Ready

Ready for BS8893:2024 compliance – BS8893- 2024 is the new standard which states component requirements for an Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system.

British Standards BS5839-9 Code of Practice

BS5839-9 is a code of practice for those who install, maintain and commission EVC systems, giving guidance on how to install an effective system as part of a fire detection and alarm system covering all components including wireless.

British Standards BS9999 Code of Practice

BS9999 is a BSI Standards Publication providing guidance for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. It includes the provision of evacuation methods and placement of EVC systems.

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