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Your Service Checklist. Sorted.

When it comes to your VA and EVC alarm system, maintenance is the key to safety and compliance. Neglecting these systems not only jeopardises their ability to meet regulations but also puts lives at risk during emergencies. That’s why we can’t stress enough the significance of regular and thorough maintenance for these critical systems.

Organise your Voice Alarm and Emergency Voice Communication systems service records in a structured and organised service and maintenance logbook.

Download your complimentary log books today and take control of your system’s maintenance.

Baldwin Boxall Customer Support

Does your system require a Service or Maintenance?

Voice Alarm and Emergency Voice Communication systems must work as needed and it is essential that the systems are regularly checked and maintained in accordance with the requirements of BS5839 (Part 8 for VA and Part 9 for EVC).

Whether you need a one-off visit or a full maintenance contract, we are here to help. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our friendly team are experts in servicing and maintaining Baldwin Boxall systems and are ready to provide solution-focused support to ensure your VIGIL systems continue to work as they should.

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