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Effective Communication in Education Sector Buildings

In the education sector, ensuring the safety and well-being of students, staff and visitors is a top priority. When an emergency arises, reliable communication methods are crucial to getting the message across quickly and effectively. Standard klaxon-style alarms are not always effective in these environments, where students and staff may be engaged in learning or other activities.

Effective communication in education sector buildings requires proper planning, staff training, and the appropriate communication equipment. Baldwin Boxall’s VIGIL voice alarm (VA) system is an ideal solution, offering pre-recorded voice messages to ensure controlled evacuation in any area or structure. These systems can be used not only in emergency situations, but also for everyday purposes such as public address announcements, background music, and staff coded broadcasts.

The VIGIL VA system also offers sophisticated yet user-friendly zoning, routing and audio path monitoring facilities, as well as dedicated battery back-up systems, ensuring maximum safety and reliability in emergency situations.

In addition to voice alarm, schools, colleges and universities may also require EVC (fire telephone and disabled refuge) and emergency assistance/toilet alarm systems. Installing an OmniCare or CARE2 EVC system would cater to the needs of everyone, including the most vulnerable individuals.

Baldwin Boxall’s leisure audio management systems are designed and built to a high standard in the UK, with reliability and longevity in mind. They comply fully with all relevant current and future standards, including BS5839-8, EN54, BS5839-9 and BS8300 (for the emergency assistance/disabled toilet alarm).

Total Assurance

By choosing Baldwin Boxall’s communication alarm systems, education sector buildings can have peace of mind knowing that their safety and well-being is in capable hands. Our systems are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of education sector buildings, providing a complete and comprehensive solution for their safety and communication needs.


  • Fire alarm linked voice alarm system.
  • Public information/public address system.
  • Phased evacuation.
  • Touchscreen control with visual layout.
  • Multi-lingual digital messaging.
  • De-centralised or centralised system.
  • Emergency fireman’s microphone.
  • Ambient noise sensing.
  • Background music.
  • Battery backup and full monitoring.
  • Disabled refuge area communication.
  • Fire telephone system
  • Provision of clear and precise instructions in the event of an emergency.
  • Zonal/’all call’ facility for phased evacuation and coded messages.
  • Selectable emergency/alert alarm tones.
  • Timed ‘spot’ announcements or tones.
  • Routeing to selected loudspeaker zones.
  • Background music, with interrupt for announcements.
  • Arundel Court School
  • Barlby School
  • Bath University
  • Boston Academy
  • Brentwood Prep
  • Emdeck, Plymouth University
  • Freebrough Academy
  • Harwell RFI
  • Kings College
  • Ladywell Convent
  • London School of Economics
  • Long Eaton School
  • Oxford Science Park
  • Singleton University
  • Stationers Crown Woods Academy
  • UCL
  • University of Bournemouth
  • University of Canberra, Australia
  • University of Essex
  • University of Suffolk
  • UWE


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