What is Voice Alarm?

Voice alarm systems play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of people in various types of buildings. But what exactly is a voice alarm? Let us guide you through the concept and benefits of this innovative system that goes beyond emergencies.

Defining Voice Alarm Systems

At its core, a voice alarm system, sometimes referred to as a voice evacuation system, is meticulously designed to prioritise the safety of staff and the general public. During critical situations like fires, bomb alerts, or other emergencies, this system assists in the efficient and orderly evacuation of areas or entire buildings. However, voice alarm systems offer much more than emergency preparedness.

In everyday scenarios, voice alarm systems serve as versatile tools for making public address announcements, broadcasting advertisements, or playing background music. With the capability to send broadcasts to all areas or specific zones of a site, these systems facilitate seamless communication and enhance overall user experience.

The Power of Clear Communication

Extensive research has shown that clear and intelligible messages significantly improve people’s responses during emergencies, reducing confusion and panic. This is where the power of voice alarm systems shines. Unlike traditional bells and sounders that only provide a warning signal, voice alarm systems deliver pre-recorded messages that provide precise instructions and vital information, ensuring swift and efficient evacuation even for untrained personnel and the general public.

Reliability is Key

Reliability is paramount for a voice alarm system. It must operate flawlessly when it matters most – during emergencies. That’s why these systems are meticulously monitored at all times and backed up by constantly charged batteries. This ensures uninterrupted functionality, even in the event of a power failure. Additionally, voice alarm systems incorporate both clear pre-recorded messages and live announcements to enable a controlled and phased evacuation approach. This means selected areas can be evacuated first, while surrounding zones remain on alert, creating a structured and efficient evacuation process.

Efficiency and Control

A voice alarm system operates automatically, yet it also provides flexibility for fire officers or building control to override controls when necessary. This comprehensive solution combines advanced technology with user-friendly controls to ensure optimal performance and the utmost safety for everyone.

Empowering Communication and Safety

In conclusion, voice alarm systems are indispensable tools for both emergency situations and everyday communication needs. By providing clear instructions, seamless broadcasts, and continuous monitoring, these systems empower individuals to respond effectively during emergencies and enhance communication in various building environments.

What is Voice Alarm?
VIGIL3 Voice Alarm

Discover the Power of Baldwin Boxall's Voice Evacuation Systems

No two projects are the same, and that’s why each voice alarm system we create is uniquely designed and built to meet the specific requirements of your project. Whether it’s for public address announcements, timed spot advertisements, background music, or emergency situations, our voice alarm systems are versatile solutions that transcend the boundaries of traditional functionality.

At Baldwin Boxall, we are renowned for our commitment to reliability and the exceptional quality of our build. Our voice evacuation systems are trusted by countless organisations worldwide, ensuring the safety and well-being of people in a diverse range of settings.

The Benefits of a Baldwin Boxall Voice Alarm

Phased Evacuation

Implement a systematic approach to evacuation, ensuring safety by prioritising areas at risk and maintaining control throughout the process.

Selectable Pre-Recorded Messages

Tailor your communication to suit specific scenarios and requirements, enabling swift and precise instructions during emergencies.

Public Information Announcements

Keep occupants informed with important updates, such as facility information, event announcements, or safety procedures.

Background Music

Create a pleasant and ambient atmosphere in your facility by incorporating background music into your voice alarm system.

Multi-Lingual Digital Messaging

Address diverse audiences with ease, as our systems support multiple languages, delivering clear and intelligible messages to all occupants.

Induction Loop

Ensure accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments by incorporating induction loop technology for clear communication (supplied by others).

Revenue Generation

Generate additional revenue by utilising advertisement injection capabilities, effectively utilising your voice alarm system as a marketing platform.

Broadcast of Opening & Closing Times

Seamlessly communicate opening and closing times, providing valuable information to occupants and visitors.

Explore Our VIGIL Voice Evacuation System Products

Experience the pinnacle of voice alarm performance with our VIGIL range of products. Designed to be the heart of any voice alarm system, VIGIL ensures the efficient and swift evacuation of people in buildings where safety is paramount. Whether it’s offices, factories, warehouses, shops, sports stadiums, cinemas, theatres, schools, or public buildings, VIGIL provides the ultimate solution.

Integration with any fire alarm system is seamless, enabling clear and intelligible broadcast of alert and evacuate messages. Operating automatically, the system doesn’t rely on constant operator control, unless taken over by a fire officer.

Rest assured, VIGIL is meticulously designed and built in the United Kingdom, ensuring the highest standards of quality, performance, and compliance.

Discover the Baldwin Boxall difference with our tailored voice alarm systems. Experience the ultimate in safety, reliability, and communication for your organisation.

Experts in Voice Alarm Systems

From a single rack, to large distributed systems with hundreds of outputs, VIGIL3 Voice Alarm is simple to design, quick to install, scalable and secure.

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Baldwin Boxall VIGIL3 Voice Alarm System

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Amplifiers

Transformerless amplifiers, modular, energy-efficient and powerful. Range includes dual & quad amplifier options.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Battery Charger

Compact module continually monitors system backup batteries & charges them whenever necessary.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Audio Output Module

With VIGIL3 there is no need for the conventional ‘router-style’ control. Supports up to 8 audio outputs – network up to 100 units.

Voice Alarm

Powerful stand-alone, wall-mounted PAVA system. Ideal for fitting into building risers or places where space is limited.

Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Audio Input Module

6-band parametric EQ and programmable priority for each input. Configure every input from a single point on the VIGIL3 network.

Voice Alarm
Built on a dedicated, fault-tolerant, Ethernet backbone with a range of networking options.
Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 Line Monitoring

All critical signal paths of a voice alarm system must be fully monitored & faults automatically indicated on key parts of the system.

Audio Loudspeakers


Powerful high-clarity loudspeakers for public address and voice alarm systems for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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