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Effective Emergency Communication in Healthcare

Healthcare sector buildings play a crucial role in providing medical care and treatment to individuals in need. Ensuring the safety and well-being of patients, staff and visitors are of utmost importance in these facilities. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, it’s essential to have reliable communication methods to ensure everyone is aware and able to evacuate safely and quickly.

In healthcare facilities, where people are in a vulnerable state, it’s crucial to have clear and concise communication in the event of an emergency. A traditional bell or siren may not be enough to prompt people into action, and in some cases, could cause panic. A VIGIL voice alarm (VA) system can provide controlled evacuation by broadcasting pre-recorded voice messages to guide individuals to safety.

Flexible Communication Solutions

Our VIGIL voice alarm systems can also be used for day-to-day announcements and other communication needs in healthcare facilities. With features such as public address announcements, background music, and staff-coded broadcasts, the system is versatile and can provide a comprehensive communication solution.

Advanced Monitoring and Zoning

Our voice alarm systems also come equipped with sophisticated yet user-friendly zoning, routeing and full audio path monitoring facilities. This ensures complete coverage of the facility, and with dedicated battery backup systems, ensures reliable communication even in the event of power failure.

Disabled Assistance

In healthcare facilities, it’s also essential to cater to the needs of the most vulnerable individuals, such as those with disabilities. Installing an OmniCare or CARE2 EVC system can provide disabled refuge and a toilet alarm, ensuring everyone is catered for in the event of an emergency.

Total Assurance

All our systems are designed and built in the UK to a high standard and are built for reliability and longevity. Our systems comply fully with all relevant standards, including BS5839-8, EN54, BS5839-9, and BS8300 (for the disabled emergency assistance/toilet alarm), ensuring total peace of mind.

Investing in a VIGIL voice alarm system can provide healthcare facilities with the necessary communication tools to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, staff and visitors in the event of an emergency.

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  • Fire alarm linked voice alarm system.
  • Public information/public address system.
  • Phased evacuation.
  • Touchscreen control with visual layout.
  • Multi-lingual digital messaging.
  • De-centralised or centralised system.
  • Emergency fireman’s microphone.
  • Ambient noise sensing.
  • Background music.
  • Battery backup and full monitoring.
  • Disabled refuge area communication.
  • Fire telephone system.
  • Emergency assistance/toilet alarms.
  • Provision of clear and precise instructions in the event of an emergency.
  • Zonal/’all call’ facility for phased evacuation and coded messages.
  • Selectable emergency/alert alarm tones.
  • Timed ‘spot’ announcements.
  • Routeing to selected loudspeaker zones.
  • Background music, with interrupt for announcements.
  • Central and/or local control of emergency assistance/toilet alarms.
  • Hume Street Hospital, Ireland
  • London Ambulance
  • PSI Ireland,
  • Southampton Hospital
  • University College London Hospital


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