OmniCALL - An Introduction to Baldwin Boxall's Revolutionary New Emergency Voice Communication System

The Future of Emergency Voice Communication

Step into the future of Emergency Voice Communication with Baldwin Boxall’s game-changing innovation: OmniCALL!

OmniCALL will revolutionise safety protocols in your business effortlessly. No more compliance headaches just streamlined safety measures. Say hello to the unmatched integration of 2-core loop systems and radial designs.

Stay ahead of the curve with our patent-pending Emergency Voice Communication technology. Be the first to experience its versatility with our exclusive product preview.

So get ready to elevate your safety standards with OmniCALL EVC — where innovation meets reliability.

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Patent pending: GB26051525 & EP4302472

Benefits of using OmniCALL EVC

OmniCALL is the ideal Emergency Voice Communication solution for maximum versatility and reliability, bridging the gap between loop-wired and radial-wired EVC systems. Benefits include:

Unparalleled Connectivity

Unrivalled Versatility

Extended Loop Distance

Non-Polarity Dependence

Seamless Integration

Reduced Power Consumption

Inclusive Design

Compliance You Can Rely On

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The Future of Emergency Voice Communication

omnicall evc system

Discover the Benefits of OmniCALL EVC

Experience a groundbreaking innovation in emergency voice communication with OmniCALL’s unique 2-core loop and radial EVC system. Unlike any other EVC system on the market, our patent-pending technology sets us apart. Say goodbye to the traditional 4-core cables; our system dramatically reduces installation time.

Witness the ease of installation with OmniCALL’s non-polarity dependent connection, eliminating the risk of wiring errors within outstations. Our EVC system not only saves you time but also prevents potential damage caused by incorrect wiring, making installation a breeze.

Designing and wiring your emergency communication system has never been easier. With OmniCALL, the loop distance has been dramatically increased, providing total project cost savings. Half the amount of copper cable needed, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

Embrace flexibility with OmniCALL! Unlike OmniCare Loop System EVC and CARE2 Radial EVC, OmniCALL EVC supports both loop-wired and radial-wired outstations on the same system. Say goodbye to the 200m cable rule, as OmniCALL EVC removes distance limitations between outstations, offering a versatile and cost-effective solution for your projects.

OmniCALL EVC is not just efficient; it’s eco-friendly too! Benefit from reduced power consumption of an emergency voice communication system, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Rest easy knowing OmniCALL’s advanced remote features a fully compliant induction loop. Unlike its predecessor, our new EVC system ensures adherence to industry standards for reliable emergency voice communication.

OmniCALL EVC prioritises inclusivity with standard Disabled Refuge Remotes that come equipped with Braille and luminescent text. Accessible and user-friendly, OmniCALL EVC raises the bar and sets a new standard for emergency communication systems.

Streamline your installations by wiring Assistance Alarms, such as Disabled Toilet Alarms, directly into the DRS remote. While not a unique selling point, this integration is a testament to OmniCALL’s commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

OmniCALL at the Fire Safety Event 2024
Preview our new Emergency Voice Communication system


Be one of the first to experience the future of safety with OmniCALL EVC at the Fire Safety Event on 30th April 2024. Streamline protocols with unmatched connectivity, versatility, and sustainability.

Find us on stand number 5E/112

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