Heart of the City

‘Heart of the City’ – Responsible Business Programme

ISO 14001 certified, Baldwin Boxall is continuing its journey of environmental and ethical responsibility by becoming a member of ‘Heart of the City’.

The company directors and staff are passionate about being as environmentally friendly as possible – both at home and at work. As part of this, Baldwin Boxall as become a member of the Heart of the City, Responsible Business Programme. The programme will provide support in a variety of ways to enable Baldwin Boxall achieve its aims to become more sustainable and responsible – not only for the environment, but also people and the community.

Nick Baldwin, Sales & Marketing Director, said, “Baldwin Boxall is at the start of its sustainability journey. We have already put in place many factors to reduce our carbon footprint and we are now working with Heart of the City to evaluate what our current carbon footprint is.

“The mentoring from Heart of the City is invaluable and is guiding us through the steps to produce an accurate calculation of our carbon emissions from which we can then make the necessary changes. Alongside this, we will be launching various projects that also support sustainability – both locally and further afield. Projects being considered include peat bog sponsorship, woodland restoration, volunteering opportunities for staff and re-wilding our site. The whole team is excited to becoming a net zero company in the future.”

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