Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

We design and manufacture two EN54 voice alarm systems in the UK:

  • The VIGIL3 system is our latest and most flexible system to date.
  • The VIGIL2 system is installed and used in many buildings all over the world.

A voice alarm (VA) system (sometimes referred to as a ‘voice evacuation’ system) enables phased evacuation from a building (or area) during an emergency such as a fire. You may also see this type of system referred to as VACIE (or Voice Alarm Control and Indication Equipment).

Did you know that a voice alarm system can be useful every day? Use it for making live general announcements, broadcasting messages and much more! Read more about the benefits of using voice alarm for Public Address.

To find out more about our VIGIL voice alarm products and systems, please click on the links below. Or, if you would like to discuss our systems with a member of our team – we will be very happy to talk to you.
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