Sparking Ambitions: Baldwin Boxall Illuminates the Path for Future Electrical Engineers

At Baldwin Boxall, our commitment to fostering a passion for electrical engineering extends beyond the boardroom and manufacturing floor. We believe in investing in the future generation of engineers, and our recent initiative with Beacon Academy’s sixth-form students is an indication to that commitment.

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting Neha Padikkal, a dynamic 17-year-old student, for a week-long work experience programme. Neha’s interest into the world of electrical manufacturing engineering served as an eye-opener for both her and us at Baldwin Boxall. The initiative aimed to provide local students with firsthand experience to the various facets of our industry, instilling a sense of curiosity and excitement for a potential career in this dynamic sector.

Neha shared her experience with us:

"I've spent a week here at Baldwin Boxall, and everyone has been really welcoming. I've been shown the whole manufacturing process and have even been allowed to get involved in some of the production. It's been a great insight into electrical engineering, and I would recommend this work experience to anyone who might be interested in pursuing a career in this field."

Encouraging Young Minds

Baldwin Boxall’s enthusiasm to encourage young minds aligns with our broader commitment to education and social values. We believe in creating opportunities for local students, opening doors to careers that may have seemed out of reach. By fostering connections with local educational institutions like Beacon Academy, we aim to inspire a new generation of engineers who will drive innovation and progress in the electrical engineering sector.

Careers and Work Experience Lead at Beacon Academy, Paige Waterhouse, comments:

“We are incredibly grateful to Baldwin Boxall for giving Neha such a warm welcome and making her part of the team last week. Through the placement, Neha has been able to explore the world of electrical engineering, gaining skills and invaluable first-hand experience that could help her to stand out in a competitive jobs market.

At Beacon Academy, we recognise the vitally important role that work experience plays in supporting young people to define their career path and helping to prepare them for the world of work. We are very proud to work with local businesses and employers to offer this opportunity for our students.”

Our Sales and Marketing Director Nick Baldwin expressed his delight at Neha’s engagement with the company:

"We are thrilled to have Neha as part of our work experience programme. Providing students with a hands-on experience in the world of electrical engineering is not just about sharing knowledge but about igniting a spark of interest that could lead to fulfilling and successful careers. We look forward to continuing such initiatives and playing our part in shaping the future of the industry."

As we reflect on Neha’s week with us, we are proud to be part of a community that values education, empowerment, and the pursuit of excellence. Baldwin Boxall remains committed to nurturing the talents of tomorrow and contributing to the growth of aspiring engineers who dare to dream big.

If you’re a student interested in exploring the exciting world of electrical engineering or a company looking to collaborate on similar initiatives, we encourage you to reach out and join us, together, we can ignite an interest and pave the way for a brighter future in electronic engineering.


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