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Configurator programs for the EVAS BVRD2M and BVRD2M4 Routers and BVRD Voice Alarm Control Microphones enable site engineers to configure a Voice Alarm system via a laptop.

This software also provides the ability to prepare configuration changes off-line before being uploaded via the USB2 connection on the system.

We also provide software that enables engineers to address OmniCare remote units or outstations via a PDA or laptop.

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    BS EN54 for Voice Alarm
    BS EN54 for Voice Alarm Certification - Baldwin Boxall

    BS EN54 European Standard For Voice Alarm Systems & Products

    BS EN54 is the latest European standard affecting Voice Alarm systems and products. This standard has been adopted by many European countries and all supplied Voice Alarm systems must comply to EN54 standards...Read More

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    Our Revolutionising New EVC System


    Streamline protocols with unmatched connectivity, versatility, and sustainability.