Team Member Spotlight: Kerry Pert, Loudspeaker and VA Design Engineer

Meet Kerry Pert, Loudspeaker and VA Design Engineer, Sales Department

Kerry joined the Baldwin Boxall team eight months ago and forms an integral part of the Sales Team, designing loudspeaker layouts to provide customers with reliable, intelligible voice alarm systems.

A typical day looks like this…

“I communicate with our customers to understand the requirements of their projects, helping them to design a loudspeaker layout that will provide proper coverage for a compliant voice alarm system. I then construct a quotation for a voice alarm rack of Baldwin Boxall equipment to power the system and provide a system description and rack layout drawings to the customer to assist at quotation stage.”

Work hard, play hard

In his spare time, Kerry enjoys building and riding jumps at the Bulltrack Bike Park, near Crowborough, a sunny evening BBQ and socialising with friends.

What was your first job?

My first job was washing up at Wesson’s Cafe in Horam.

What one thing would you change about the industry you work in?

If I could change one thing about the industry, I would add subwoofers to every PA/VA system.

If you weren’t in this job, what would you be doing now?

If I didn’t work for Baldwin Boxall, I would have loved to be a mechanic.

Film or box set – what are you watching now?

We have just moved house, so no TV at all at the moment! Having to make do with watching paint dry!

Where would you like to time travel to?

I would time travel to the early 2000’s, the birth of dubstep.

What can’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without chips and baked beans!

What building would you like to be locked in overnight?

If I had to be locked in a building overnight, it would be Bensons for Beds.

What would you do if you were prime minister for the day?

I would tax the rich, stop oil and fix all the potholes.

Interesting fact:

Before starting his career in the voice alarm industry, Kerry spent seven winter seasons working as a chef in various ski resorts across France!


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