We are at Firex…

We are at Firex…

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Brand New Products and a Brand New Stand for Baldwin Boxall at Firex 2016
(21-23 June, London ExCeL)

Baldwin Boxall is looking forward to welcoming visitors to their new look stand at International Firex (number E-14). International Firex is always a busy show for the company and staff on the stand expect to see many new faces, as well as catching up with contacts already well known to them.

The company is showing several new products at Firex 2016 and so are expecting even more interest than usual. New products include the VIGIL Eclipse4, VIGIL3 transformerless amplifiers, touchscreen control microphone and a four-way toilet alarm control unit.

“We at Baldwin Boxall are very excited about the show” commented Nick Baldwin, Marketing Director “The new stand is going to look stunning and, with the new products to demonstrate and our recent LPCB certification, we have a lot to talk about!”



Products and Systems on Show at Firex will include:

The New VIGIL Eclipse4

VIGIL Eclipse4, in common with its predecessors, is a wall mountable, voice alarm / public address system in a single enclosure.

VIGIL Eclipse4 voice alarm public address systemExcitingly, the new VIGIL Eclipse4 will use Baldwin Boxall’s latest transformerless voice evacuation amplifiers. In common with its predecessors, the VIGIL Eclipse4 will be a wall mountable, stand-alone voice evacuation system, providing a highly-efficient solution to the voice evacuation market.

The shallow profile of the new unit will make it ideal for mounting within a building’s risers – thus eliminating the need to take up valuable floor space elsewhere in the building. Add to this the fact that the system has outstanding networking capabilities, means that the VIGIL Eclipse4 will be the perfect solution for large, multi-floor installations.

Using proven EVAS routeing technology, and with the ability to include up to four new VIGIL3 amplifier modules (totalling up to 2,400 Watts), the VIGIL Eclipse4 will be incredibly flexible – making it suitable for the smaller style systems as well as those that require large fully-networked systems.

Also, its simple design will enable straight-forward installation and commissioning. As with all Baldwin Boxall voice evacuation products, VIGIL Eclipse4 will simply connect to any leading fire evacuation panel via the internal fire evacuation interface.

The New VIGIL3 Voice Evacuation Amplifiers

VIGIL3 voice alarm system amplifier PRThere are five modules in the range – dual 75 Watt, quad 75 Watt, dual 150 Watt, quad 150 Watt and dual 300 Watt. Each highly efficient amplifier has a built in power supply and floating transformerless output and, compared with VIGIL2 units, weigh up to an incredible 66% lighter on a like-for-like basis.

Amazingly, although amplifier power has increased and the power supply is incorporated, the units themselves are reduced in size! The smaller size means less rack space which, in turn, means the rack footprint is reduced. Also battery size, on a Watt by Watt basis, will be reduced. These attributes all help with the cost of the installation of the system and saving on space – a valuable asset for many companies.

Another great feature of the VIGIL3 amplifiers is the ‘sleep’ facility that operates when the system is on mains power – and not just when running on batteries. This, when combined with the considerable reduction of the materials used (including the lack of 100V line transformers), means that VIGIL3 amplifiers will be more environmentally friendly than its predecessor.

New Touchscreen Microphone

BVRTSM (small image) touchscreen microphone message selectionAlso being shown is Baldwin Boxall’s latest microphone which features a clear, seven inch, capacitive touchscreen display. Using the same sleek profile as the BVRD and BDM microphone ranges Baldwin Boxall’s new touchscreen microphone will be compatible with established VIGIL2 systems and also the new Eclipse4, providing users with the option to swap out current microphones, should they wish to do so.

The new touchscreen microphone is easy to use and enables total control of a VIGIL2 voice evacuation system. In the event of a fire, or other evacuation emergency, the new microphone has the ability to take top priority, enabling the operator to take full control of the situation.

During the commissioning stage of an installation, it will be a straightforward procedure to set up the microphone for any size of system. The layout and display (like Baldwin Boxall’s already popular touchscreen PC systems) will be intuitive to operate.

Features of the unit include the facility to record and play back messages at any given time. It also has a local music input and the ability to access various logs including history and faults using the touchscreen. As you would expect from Baldwin Boxall, there is also the facility to have a hardwire bypass for use in the unlikely event of a system failure.

Another benefit of mention is the fact that the microphone has two independent output feeds. This means the microphone has the ability to feed two separate racks on the same system – one for the ‘A’ circuit and the other for the ‘B’ circuit. A feature which provides extra resilience should duplicate racks be required.

New Disabled Toilet Alarm Controller

4-way disabled toilet alarm controller PRAnother new product that can be seen at the show, is the new four-way disabled toilet alarm control unit. The new unit will control up to four of the company’s three-part toilet alarm kits. The new control/display unit will be available with either a white or stainless steel finish – to match with the toilet alarm products already available from Baldwin Boxall. Each unit is available independently so it is possible to ‘mix & match’ finishes to suit the installation.

Unique features of the system include a monitoring facility which will indicate ‘short circuit’ or ‘open circuit’ faults. An additional benefit is the ability to acknowledge each call independently, by a simple button press. The person waiting for assistance will notice a change in the audible and visual signals when the call has been acknowledged and, therefore, will be reassured knowing that help is on the way – a requirement of BS8300.

Long Distance Monitoring Device

home page screen shot - remote monitoring device PRThe recently announced IP interface (known as the BVRDIP) will be demonstrated at Firex. This new unit enables remote monitoring of a VIGIL2 voice alarm system via the internet. Installation will provide great benefits, especially for maintenance engineers, by automatically sending notification of any fault detected on the system – thus enabling the monitoring of several systems from a distance.

The BVRDIP unit, when installed in a VIGIL2 voice alarm rack, constantly checks the fault status of the entire system (including networked systems) – it never sleeps. Should a fault be detected at any point on the system, the unit automatically sends notification of the fault to up to six recipients (via email). Remote log, via the internet, provides the ability to view the status of a system at any time, with the ability to access and download detailed fault logs.

With a simple and intuitive setup process, the unit can be fitted to any VIGIL2 EVAS voice alarm system, including any that are currently in use.

View the status of a Vigil VA system from your mobile phone
With the BVRDIP unit it is possible for you to check a voice alarm system remotely – be it from your office desk, on the train – or any place where you have access to the internet. A great solution for engineers or anyone responsible for monitoring one – or even multiple – Vigil voice alarm systems.

VA system fault notification by email
The same BVRDIP unit will automatically send an email when a fault is detected on the system. The email details the type of fault – providing valuable information prior to a site visit, or enabling the opportunity to contact someone onsite to advise on the situation.

Only one BVRDIP unit required
Even on a networked system, only one unit needs to be fitted for remote monitoring of the entire system.

Retrofit or new
The BVRDIP can be easily fitted to any currently installed Vigil EVAS voice alarm system. Baldwin Boxall recommends the fitting of a BVRDIP to any new VIGIL EVAS voice alarm system.



More on offer…

The popular Omnicare and Care2 Emergency Voice Communication systems and disabled toilet alarm system will also be on display at the show. These products, as you would expect from Baldwin Boxall, have an undeniable reputation of being robust and exceptionally reliable.

Based in East Sussex, UK, the company prides itself not only on the quality of design and build of its products, but also on its customer service and support, which Directors and staff believe is paramount to their success. Customer testimonials and a long-term customer relationships prove this to be the case. The company has also recently been awarded the ‘Made in Britain’ Marque.

Baldwin Boxall’s staff will be on stand E-140 and really look forward to meeting you.

To save time on the day you can PRE-REGISTER HERE.



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