Real Living Wage Accreditation – Investing in Staff Well-Being

Baldwin Boxall proudly announces its accreditation as a Real Living Wage employer, reaffirming its commitment to staff well-being and fair compensation practices. The Real Living Wage, voluntarily paid by UK businesses, is a testament to Baldwin Boxall’s dedication to supporting its workforce.

The Real Living Wage, determined by an independent committee and subject to annual review, is designed to meet the everyday needs and expenses of individuals. Baldwin Boxall aligns itself with this ethos, recognising the importance of compensating its team members in a way that reflects the true cost of living.

As part of the company’s broader mission to prioritise staff well-being, the decision to become a Real Living Wage employer was a natural progression. The commitment to fair pay is not just a policy for Baldwin Boxall; it’s a reflection of the company’s core values.

Nick Baldwin, Sales and Marketing Director, expressed his enthusiasm for the achievement, stating, “We are truly delighted to be part of the Real Living Wage movement. At Baldwin Boxall, we believe that our success is intricately tied to the well-being of our incredible team. Embracing the Real Living Wage is not just a commitment to fair pay; it’s a testament to our values, recognising the fundamental importance of every individual in our journey.”

He continued, “This certification underscores our dedication to creating a workplace where everyone thrives, contributing to a culture of excellence and shared success. Importantly, we acknowledge that the Real Living Wage is higher than the government’s recommendation—the National Living Wage. This reflects our pledge to provide a wage that truly meets the cost of living for our valued team members.”

Baldwin Boxall’s commitment to the Real Living Wage not only reinforces the company’s dedication to fair compensation but also sets a benchmark for creating a workplace where each team member can flourish. This accreditation symbolises Baldwin Boxall’s journey towards excellence, recognising the vital role played by every individual within the organisation.

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