Relay Riders Celebrating 10th Anniversary Ride!

Baldwin Boxall's Staff Volunteer Days Initiative Gaining Momentum

A new initiative at Baldwin Boxall, our staff volunteer days are gaining momentum! Operations Manager, Steve Bladon, was the first to embrace the annual volunteer day opportunity, participating in a relay motorcycle ride earlier this month.

Combining Passion & Charity

Motorcycle enthusiast Steve took part in the annual relay with the Relay Riders who this year celebrate their 10th anniversary. To mark this significant milestone, the group decided to fundraise for two charities: Lia’s Wings, which provides hospital air transfer services, and DocBike which educates people on accident prevention and offers roadside critical care.

Taking on the Challenge

Recently Steve donned his leathers and completed one of the two legs he signed up for in this year’s relay ride. He commented:

I rode between 10 pm and 5:30 am in poor weather conditions and covered 255 miles across Sussex and Kent, using non-motorway roads. I met other riders from the relay en route to pass on this year’s two bear mascots, LadyB and Betty Boo.

This year's Charity Riders mascots LadyB and Betty Boo

Looking Ahead to the Final Leg

I will be riding the final leg of the relay on the 20th of July from Lady Bower reservoir in the Peak District to the final party at the Old George Inn, located in Sykehouse. For me, the final leg will result in a 550-mile round trip, which takes my total mileage to over 800 for this year’s relay.

Eighth Year of Participation

This is my eighth year taking part in the relay and I’ve met some great people along the way. Aside from the challenge of aching muscles from a long ride and staying awake during the first leg, the relay was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the final leg in a few weeks.

Previous Charities Supported

Previous charities the group have fundraised for include the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), UK Association for Milk Banking, Mental Health Research UK, and Soldiers Off The Street.

Best Wishes & Following the Journey

Wishing Steve and the rest of the relay riders the best of luck with their ambitious challenge, we look forward to catching up with them soon to hear about their success.

Follow the Journey

You can follow the riders and mascots on their journey here, to see where LadyB and Betty Boo have travelled so far! The team has covered 4,000 miles in week one of the relay and has two weeks and a trip to Northern Ireland still to go.

Support the Fundraising Efforts

So far, the amount raised stands at £5,800 of their £8,000 target. To support their fundraising efforts, please consider making a donation.

Learn More About the Supported Charities

Lia's Wings

Providing Life-Saving Air Transfers

Lia’s Wings is a charity dedicated to providing hospital air transfer services for critically ill children and adults. They focus on facilitating rapid and safe transportation for patients who require urgent care, ensuring they receive the best possible medical attention in a timely manner.

By supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities, Lia’s Wings aims to bridge the gap in critical care transport, offering a lifeline to those in need. Their services are crucial in improving patient outcomes and saving lives during medical emergencies.

For more information about Lia’s Wings and how you can support their mission, visit their website at


DocBike: Saving Lives and Promoting Road Safety

DocBike is a unique charity that combines the expertise of highly qualified doctors or critical care paramedics with the mobility of motorcycles to reduce deaths and serious injuries caused by motorcycle collisions. Their mission includes both injury prevention and providing roadside critical care.

The charity focuses on preventing collisions by educating motorcyclists on safe riding practices and risk recognition. They collaborate with emergency services across the UK, aiming to have a DocBike associated with every air ambulance charity nationwide. Their research-driven approach helps identify the most effective methods to reduce motorcycle-related fatalities and critical injuries.

For more information about DocBike and how you can support their efforts, visit their website at

These charities are making significant impacts in their respective fields, and your support can help them continue their vital work.


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