South Bank Central Estate, London, UK

The South Bank Central Estate is 42 storeys high, featuring 191 high-end luxury apartments, commercial offices and retail units.

Situated along the River Thames and sat amongst historic surroundings, from the tower it is possible to view many iconic London landmarks, including St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

The South Bank Central Estate is protected by both a VIGIL2 Voice Alarm system and an OmniCare EVC system.

The Project

The voice alarm system employs VIGIL2 EVAS DSP control routing and includes the end-of-line monitoring method.

Control of the system is achieved using three BVRD32 Control Microphones and an annunciator panel. Using a dual circuit design for the system throughout the building ensures that, if any single loudspeaker line fails, all announcements will still be heard in that zone. The four racks which form the system are digitally networked (14 channels) using copper cabling.

The OmniCare EVC system installed includes the combined outstation. This unit features a Fire Telephone and Disabled Refuge point in a single housing, thereby providing two options for call methods at each location.

Additional Fire Telephone units have been added to the system where a refuge communication point is not required, or necessary. The ability to connect disabled toilet alarms to the OmniCare system has also been used for this project.

IC Services was delighted to win this prestigious project, Larry Clift, Project Manager, commented “We are responsible for many voice alarm and EVC system installations throughout London and the City. It is with pride that we add the South Bank Central Estate to our list of projects in significant buildings in the UK. The Baldwin Boxall Omnicare EVC and the company’s VIGIL2 voice alarm systems were an obvious choice for fulfilling the order. The quality of their product and support are always considered to be valuable assets when undertaking any project.”

As an end user of the product working on two high rise projects in London, it is user-friendly and the Baldwin Boxall team is very helpful and professional.

EN54 Certified
British Standards BS5839-8 Code of Practice
British Standards BS5839-9 Code of Practice
PAVA System
EVC System

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