Twickenham Stadium, London, UK

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Twickenham Stadium, London, UK

Disabled Refuge System Installation

Twickenham Stadium, known as the home of English rugby, was officially opened in 1909. Originally purchased by the Rugby Football Union (RFU) for the purpose of creating a dedicated rugby ground, it has grown from a modest venue to a world-renowned stadium. 

Over the years, Twickenham has hosted numerous historic matches, including Rugby World Cup games, and has become a symbol of rugby heritage. Its evolution reflects the growth of rugby as a major sport, with continuous upgrades ensuring it remains a top-tier facility for both sporting events and concerts.

Twickenham Stadium, seating an impressive 82,000 spectators, is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world. The first rugby match was played here over a century ago in 1909, featuring local teams Harlequins and Richmond.

The RFU prides itself on the stadium’s friendly atmosphere, where families and children enjoy games alongside passionate fans. The stadium, easily accessible by road or rail, also hosts major events with performances from household names such as U2, R.E.M, Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones.


Stadiums and arenas, such as Twickenham Stadium, face numerous challenges in ensuring the safety and security of spectators, employees, and infrastructure. These venues must navigate a complex environment to maintain operational efficiency and provide a safe experience for all visitors

Enhance Crowd Control

Manage large crowds to prevent overcrowding and ensure safe evacuation.

Strengthen Security Measures

Protect against terrorism, vandalism, and unauthorised access.

Ensure Emergency Preparedness

Implement systems for quick and coordinated emergency responses.

Future-Proof Safety Systems

Continuously update measures to address emerging threats and technologies.

Optimise Operational Efficiency

Maintain smooth operations and enhance visitor experiences.

Baldwin Boxall Safety Solutions for Twickenham Stadium

To enhance safety, especially for disabled spectators, Baldwin Boxall installed an advanced disabled refuge system throughout Twickenham Stadium. The system includes strategically placed refuge areas, including an upper-level spectator area for wheelchair users. An evacuation lift and nearby refuge point ensure maximum safety for those needing assistance during an evacuation.

Advanced Disabled Refuge and OmniCare EVC System at Twickenham Stadium

To enhance safety and ensure a smooth evacuation process, Twickenham Stadium has implemented an advanced disabled refuge system integrated with the OmniCare Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system. This combination provides a robust and efficient communication network that supports both everyday operations and emergency situations.

The disabled refuge system features a 64-way master control panel, which manages all refuge points across the stadium, ensuring streamlined communication and control during an emergency. Additionally, 57 surface-mounted advanced disabled refuge remotes are strategically placed throughout the stadium, including upper-level spectator areas, to provide accessible communication points for disabled spectators.

The OmniCare EVC system supports a comprehensive network of communication devices on a single loop, including disabled refuge points, fire telephones, steward telephones, and disabled toilet alarms. This integration ensures that various safety and communication needs are met efficiently. The system is equipped with a battery backup that guarantees 24 hours of standby operation and three hours at full load, ensuring functionality even during power outages. Furthermore, the OmniCare system is linked to the stadium’s fire alarm system, facilitating coordinated emergency responses and allowing for an automatic override for system testing without triggering alarms.

Key Benefits and Future-Readiness of the Integrated Safety Systems

The integrated systems bring several key benefits. They enhance safety for disabled spectators by ensuring effective communication and prompt assistance during evacuations. The systems also enable efficient evacuation management, with stewards and staff coordinating efforts using real-time updates from the master control panel. Reliability is a core feature, with battery backup and robust construction ensuring continuous operation under all conditions, providing peace of mind for event organizers and spectators alike. The user-friendly interface of the surface-mounted remotes and master control panel allows for quick activation and clear communication during emergencies.

Additionally, the OmniCare system’s ability to integrate various communication devices on a single loop offers flexibility for future expansions and upgrades.

Twickenham Stadium’s implementation of the disabled refuge system and OmniCare EVC system highlights a commitment to safety, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy events with the confidence that robust emergency measures are in place. These advanced systems not only enhance current safety protocols but also prepare the stadium for future challenges, maintaining its reputation as a premier venue for rugby and other major events.

We are thankful that we have not been in a position to have to use the refuge system during an emergency but are grateful for its existence. We know it will be ready to operate should ever the need arise. The units look good and are certainly well built.

Twickenham Stadium, London, UK
Carolyn Tiller
Health & Safety Manager

Safety and Security at Twickenham Stadium

The disabled refuge system at Twickenham ensures an efficient and effective evacuation process, managed by stewards and staff, enhancing the safety and security of all spectators, especially those needing assistance.

Twickenham Stadium’s commitment to safety is underscored by this comprehensive system, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy events with peace of mind.

Emergency Voice Communication System

OmniCare EVC System


The system connects in a loop formation from the control panels, which are networked to create a fully integrated system.


Allows for a variety of remotes on a single loop, including disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones, and disabled toilet alarms.

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