Titanic Belfast is a world-leading, interactive visitor attraction which tells the story of RMS Titanic, from her conception in Belfast to her maiden voyage and subsequent place in history.

The building consists of a diverse and versatile selection of spaces across multiple venues. There are nine galleries which take you through the life of the Titanic from its concept to the sinking 100 years ago and its influence up to modern times.

The Project

Throughout this spectacular building are two Baldwin Boxall systems – a Voice Evacuations system and OmniCare EVC Disabled Refuge system.

An eight-zone centralised Voice Evacuation system provides phased evacuation to all areas of the attraction.

Inputs to the alarm system include background music, localised paging microphones, multi-zone microphones and ‘all call’ fire microphones. The system employs DC line monitoring technology which enables one amplifier to drive two loudspeaker circuits. Should one circuit suffer a short circuit the BVRADIM will isolate the affected circuit and allow the other circuit to function with only a slight drop in level. The system has amplifier redundancy and is battery-backed as standard.

VIGIL OmniCare was the preferred Disabled Refuge/Toilet Alarm system and two separate systems were installed.

The first was a six-way system for the car parks with the second being a larger, 46-way system, for the attraction. OmniCare was chosen due to the loop wiring configuration, the ideal choice for new builds as the cost of cable is dramatically reduced compared with radial systems.

DJK has been a distributor for Baldwin Boxall for over 15 years and this is another successful project for us using their products. The team at Baldwin Boxall were effective with their design and all round assistance with this project.

Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
EN54 Certified
British Standards BS5839-8 Code of Practice
British Standards BS5839-9 Code of Practice
PAVA System
EVC system

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