Are you considering whether to install a voice evacuation alarm system? Here’s why the VIGIL3 Voice Alarm system is a smart choice for ensuring safety and enhancing daily operations in your building.

What is a Voice Evacuation Alarm System?

A voice evacuation alarm system is crucial for providing clear instructions during emergencies, such as fires, helping to ensure the safety of both staff and the public. While emergencies are rare, the value of these systems extends beyond emergency scenarios, offering everyday functionality in various settings, including shopping centres, cinemas, and sports venues.

VIGIL3 Voice Alarm

Key Benefits of a Voice Evacuation Alarm System:

Provides clear spoken instructions during emergencies, ensuring orderly evacuations. 

Provides clear spoken instructions during emergencies, ensuring orderly evacuations.

Allows for strategic evacuation by specific areas or floors, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Suitable for various buildings and sites, offering installation flexibility.

Supports phased evacuation strategies to manage crowds and enhance safety.

Doubles as a public address system for announcements, background music, and more.

Battery-backed to ensure continued operation even during power failures.

Automatically adjusts the broadcast volume to be heard over increasing background noise.

Why Choose the VIGIL3 Voice Evacuation System?

Investing in the VIGIL3 voice evacuation system not only enhances emergency preparedness but also adds value to your building’s daily operations. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is here to help.

In summary, PAVA systems are essential tools for both daily communication and emergency preparedness. Their reliability, flexibility, and versatility make them an integral part of ensuring safety and enhancing communication in commercial buildings.

Role of a PAVA System in Phased Evacuation

A PAVA (Public Address & Voice Alarm) system plays a pivotal role in a phased evacuation process within a commercial building. Phased evacuation is a systematic approach to safely and efficiently evacuate a building during emergencies, such as fires or other life-threatening situations.

Here’s how a PAVA system contributes to this crucial process:

The importance of Phased Evacuation

Efficient Control During Emergencies

Voice Evacuation Systems during emergencies allow:

Clear Communication

In the event of an emergency, a PAVA system provides clear, intelligible voice messages. These messages guide occupants on what to do and where to go, reducing panic and confusion during evacuation.

Zonal Broadcasting

PAVA systems allow for zonal broadcasting, which means different messages can be broadcast to specific areas or zones of a building. This capability enables the controlled evacuation of specific sections, ensuring the safety of all occupants.

Priority Messaging

A PAVA system has the flexibility to prioritize messages. During a phased evacuation, high-priority messages, such as urgent evacuation instructions, take precedence over other announcements, ensuring that the most critical information is conveyed effectively.

Pre-recorded Messages

PAVA systems store pre-recorded messages that can be activated when needed. These messages can include evacuation instructions, general safety announcements, or even multilingual guidance, enhancing the efficiency of evacuation procedures.

Continuous Monitoring

PAVA systems are continuously monitored, ensuring their functionality even in the event of technical issues. These systems are equipped with power backup facilities, guaranteeing their operation during power outages.


The system can be operated from different areas of the building, such as security rooms, reception desks, and staff rooms, allowing for coordinated communication during phased evacuation.


In conclusion, a PAVA system is a vital component of a phased evacuation strategy in commercial buildings. Its ability to provide clear, prioritized, and reliable voice messages ensures that occupants can safely and efficiently exit the premises during emergencies.

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