Baldwin Boxall Sponsors a Beehive!

SW Honey Farms, located in West Sussex, just across the border from Baldwin Boxall HQ, was founded in 2019 with just ten beehives. This number continues to grow, thanks to the adoption of beehives by local companies in, and around, the area.

Baldwin Boxall is proud to have adopted a beehive so that the bees can continue their hard work to keep pollinating our flowers and making honey.

The bees start their spring cleaning duties around the hive, to make it a more hygienic place to live. The Queen bee lays more eggs so that the new bees can pollinate flowers and start to produce honey for the new season. As the days warm up, the bees venture out to gather food, nectar and pollen from the flowers to store in the hive for later use. Once the bees start to swarm, a new Queen bee is born and the old Queen bee and some worker bees leave the hive to establish a new colony.

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