Team Member Spotlight: Kirsty Mitchell, HR Manager

Meet Kirsty Mitchell: Shaping the HR Landscape at Baldwin Boxall

Kirsty Mitchell, our dedicated HR Manager, has been an integral part of the Baldwin Boxall team since January 2023. Her journey here is a testament to our company’s values and genuine commitment to fostering a warm, inclusive, and nurturing work environment.

A Transition from Retail Excellence

Kirsty’s career spans an impressive 27 years in retail management, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to her role in HR. She was drawn to Baldwin Boxall by our reputation for being a friendly company that truly values its employees. In her six months with us, she’s discovered that the company’s reputation rings true, and she hasn’t been disappointed.

“I joined Baldwin Boxall in January 2023, after 27 years in retail management. I had heard about Baldwin Boxall over the years and it had always struck me as a friendly company that values and cares for its employees. Six months later I can now say first hand that this is the case and I wasn’t disappointed.

The company has a set of five values and it’s refreshing to see that these are lived and breathed in the decisions that are made on a daily basis. Having come from large corporate companies, I love the fact that there are no barriers between the different levels of hierarchy and the directors are involved at every level with the operation and the team.”

Values That Set the Course

At Baldwin Boxall, we adhere to a core set of five values that underpin every decision and action. Kirsty is delighted to find that these values are not just words on paper but a way of life within the organization. For someone who has worked in larger corporate structures, the accessibility and hands-on involvement of our directors at all levels have been a refreshing change.

A Day in the Life

Kirsty Mitchell - HR Manager at Baldwin BoxallKirsty’s role is dynamic and multifaceted. She cherishes the fact that no two days are the same. Some of her primary responsibilities include overseeing employee well-being and development, managing the entire employee life cycle (from recruitment to appraisals), and continuously updating company policies.

“My role is varied and no two days are the same, which is why I love it! Some of the main areas I am responsible for are: employee wellbeing and development, end to end employee life cycle including recruitment, the appraisal process, writing and updating policies. I’m excited to see what the next six months bring and to be on this journey with the company as it grows.”

Exciting Times Ahead

Kirsty is excited about what the next six months will bring as she continues this journey with Baldwin Boxall. As the company evolves and expands, she looks forward to being a part of that growth.

Beyond the Office

When she’s not shaping the HR landscape at Baldwin Boxall, Kirsty enjoys the great outdoors, living near the beach. Whether it’s swimming, paddleboarding, or simply floating in the sea, she makes the most of her coastal surroundings. Kirsty also has a passion for Formula 1 and tries to attend the races in Silverstone whenever she can.

“I love being outdoors and live near the beach, so I make sure that I make the most of it, either swimming, paddle-boarding, or simply just floating around in the sea! I also have a passion for F1, which I try to go and watch every year in Silverstone.”

Stay tuned for more team spotlights on the Baldwin Boxall blog as we introduce you to the dedicated professionals who make our organization thrive.


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