Team Member Spotlight: Paul Iordache, R&D Engineer

Meet Paul Iordache: Research & Development Team Member

Paul Iordache joined Baldwin Boxall in February 2018 as a Manufacturing Test Engineer and moved to join our R&D Team in March 2020.

A Varied & Dynamic Role

Paul is an enthusiastic team member and says of his role:

“My day-to-day responsibilities exhibit significant variability. Some days I find myself assisting in product testing, while on others I may be addressing component shortages or resolving problem reports. This dynamic nature of my role keeps each day fresh and exhilarating, as I encounter diverse challenges that require problem solving skills and adaptability.

Hobbies & Interests

“I have a range of interests beyond work. In the past, I enjoyed travelling and pursuing photography, particularly in the realms of wildlife, macro, event and product photography. However, my current focus is on my family commitments, where all my personal time is dedicated to supporting my children’s development. Looking ahead, if circumstanced permit, I hope to rekindle my passion for astronomy, as I’ve always found the universe to be deeply fascinating.”

My Early Curiosity

“At the age of 16, I embarked on my very first PCB (Printed Circuit Board) etching project. While I was absolutely thrilled with the successful result, my mother didn’t share the same level of enthusiasm, as the project inadvertently left a lot of stains on the carpet! Despite the mishap, this experience ignited my passion for electronics and problem

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