Type C EVC Combined Outstations

Type C Combined Outstations with two Call Point types in one for the OmniCare EVC system

Combined Outstations form part of an Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system and provide two types of call point at a single location: Disabled Refuge and Fire Telephone.

The OmniCare Combined Outstation, referenced as a ‘Type C’ Outstation in BS5839-9:2021, includes all the features of both a disabled refuge outstation and a fire telephone within a single unit. This is a great benefit for places where both types of outstation are required in a single location, removing the need for two sets of cabling.

The OmniCare Type C Combined Outstation has been specially designed to be installed in such a way as to enable correct mounting heights for each section of the unit (BS5839-9:2021). The Type C Outstation can be placed on the wiring loop in combination with any other OmniCare style outstations providing greater flexibility and options.

This unit was the first of its kind on the market and has been installed in many locations worldwide.


  • Type A and Type B outstation in a single enclosure
  • Two forms of communication in one location
  • Available in a choice of finishes – all red, all stainless steel, or red/green combination
  • ‘Push catch’ or ‘slot lock’ fire telephone door options
  • Supplied surface mounting – can be flush mounted with separately available bezel
  • Beacon option
  • Designed to install at recommended heights for both types of unit.
  • Calls initiated either by opening the door on the Telephone section (full duplex via telephone handset communication) or single press of the button on the Refuge section (hands-free, speech steered communication)
  • Connected to the control panel in a loop circuit and can be included with any other OmniCare Outstation on the same panel, if these are required

Combined Outstation, single enclosure with
Fire Telephone & Disabled Refuge Unit
Push door
Red / stainless steel / red FT & green DR
130mm x 480mm x 100mm
4.5 kg / 4.5 kg

Combined Outstation, single enclosure with
Fire Telephone & Disabled Refuge Unit
Lock door
Red / stainless steel
130mm x 480mm x 100mm
4.5 kg / 4.5 kg

Combined Outstation, single enclosure with
Fire Telephone & Disabled Refuge Unit, and
Beacon (supplied separately)
Push door / lock door
130mm x 480mm x 100mm (exc. beacon)
4.5 kg / 4.5 kg

Bezel for flush mounting BVOCC##
Red / stainless steel
170mm x 520mm (c/o 138W x 488H)

Safe & Compliant

British Standards BS5839-9 Code of Practice

BS5839-9 is a code of practice for those who install, maintain and commission EVC systems, giving guidance on how to install an effective system as part of a fire detection and alarm system covering all components including wireless.

British Standards BS9999 Code of Practice

BS9999 is a BSI Standards Publication providing guidance for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. It includes the provision of evacuation methods and placement of EVC systems.

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OmniCare Control

Loop Wired EVC
4-127 way options in either Grey or Stainless Steel finish. Surface mount or flush mount with the optional bezel.
Touchscreen Control adds further flexibility to the OmniCare Emergency Voice Control (EVC) system.
Loop Wired EVC
OmniCare is a loop-wired Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system with varying style remotes on one loop.

OmniCare & OmniCarePLUS Outstations

Loop Wired EVC

OmniCare Disabled Refuge Outstations

Type B outstation. Two-way, hands-free voice communication unit for disabled refuge areas. Standard & Advance versions available.

Loop Wired EVC

OmniCare Steward Telephones

Type A outstation. Two-way voice communication Emergency Steward Telephone, typically used where crowd control is required, such as Stadia.

Loop Wired EVC

OmniCare Fire Telephones

Type A outstation. Two-way emergency voice communication Fire Telephone, typically used by Fire Officers during the evacuation of a building. 

Loop Wired EVC

OmniCare Combined Outstations

Type C outstation. Combined Fire Telephone & Disabled Refuge outstation – two methods of communication at a single point. 

Loop Wired EVC

Emergency Assistance Alarm solution for toilets for the OmniCare EVC system.

EVC System Options

Loop Wired EVC

OmniCare EVC system is fully expandable and networkable, enabling up to 127 outstations. The first of its kind when introduced as a combined EVC system and now leads the way with installations throughout the world.


OmniCarePLUS makes it possible to install especially large Disabled Refuge/Fire Telephone Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems with up to 2,048 outstations on a single loop-wired system.

Radial wired evc

CARE2 is our radial-wired EVC system featuring monitored bidirectional communication outstations and has been developed to provide an alternative EVC option to our popular loop-wired OmniCare systems.

2-core loop & radial system

OmniCALL EVC system features a revolutionising patent-pending 2-core loop and radial design for enhanced flexibility. It features intuitive touch-screen controls, clear audio quality, and easy installation

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