The Baldwin Boxall website offers a range of datasheets and documents which is available for download. These datasheets show you everything you need to know about each of our Baldwin Boxall products and systems including features and benefits, specifications and other technical data.

About the CARE2 EVC system – Datasheet
About the OmniCare EVC System – Datasheet
BDM400 Range of Paging Microphones – Datasheet
BEL1 End-of-Line Monitoring Device – Datasheet
BEL1IP End-of-Line Monitoring Device, Weatherproof – Datasheet
BFM Range of Emergency Fire Microphones – Datasheet
BT8 & BT5 Telephone System Paging Interface – Datasheet
BV075D Dual 75W Amplifier – Datasheet
BV075Q Quad 75W Amplifier – Datasheet
BV150D Dual 150W Amplifier – Datasheet
BV150Q Quad 150W Amplifier – Datasheet
BV300 Dual 300W Amplifier – Datasheet
BV3ADIM/DIS DC Line Monitor – Datasheet
BV3AIM2 & BV3AIM4 Audio Input Modules – Datasheet
BV3AOM8 Audio Output Module – Datasheet
BV3MF VIGIL3 Amplifier Mainframe – Datasheet
BVCRFBG OmniCare Plasterboard Backbox for BVOCECPG Outstation – Datasheet
BVCRIPBG OmniCare Weatherproof Enclosure for BVOCECPG – Datasheet
BVECASE5PA Eclipse5-PA Public Address System Unit – Datasheet
BVFREPEM Repeater/Interface for OmniCare/BVOCDTA – Datasheet
BVMBC Battery Charger Module – Datasheet
BVOC128 OmniCare 127-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC128S OmniCare 127-way Control Panel, S/S – Datasheet
BVOC16M OmniCare 16-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC16MS OmniCare 16-way Control Panel, S/S – Datasheet
BVOC32M OmniCare 32-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC32MS OmniCare 32-way Control Panel, S/S – Datasheet
BVOC48 OmniCare 48-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC4M OmniCare 4-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC64 OmniCare 64-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC80S OmniCare 80-way Control Panel, S/S – Datasheet
BVOC8M OmniCare 8-way Control Panel, grey – Datasheet
BVOC8MS OmniCare 8-way Control Panel, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCA2G OmniCare Advance Refuge Outstation, Green – Datasheet
BVOCA2S OmniCare Advance Refuge Outstation, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCC/L OmniCare Combined Outstation, red – Datasheet
BVOCCA EVC Call Indicator for Remotely-Mounted Panels – Datasheet
BVOCCGCP OmniCare Combined Outstation, red/green combination – Datasheet
BVOCCSL OmniCare Combined Outstation, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCCSP OmniCare Combined Outstation, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCDTA – 4-part Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit – Datasheet
BVOCECPG OmniCare Disabled Refuge Outstation, green – Datasheet
BVOCECPS OmniCare Disabled Refuge Outstation, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCET# OmniCare Steward Emergency Telephone – Datasheet
BVOCF OmniCare Fire Telephone, Push Door, red – Datasheet
BVOCFL OmniCare Fire Telephone, Locking Door, red – Datasheet
BVOCFS OmniCare Fire Telephone, Push Door, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCFSL OmniCare Fire Telephone, Locking Door, S/S – Datasheet
BVOCRIF Repeater/Interface for OmniCare/DTAKIT – Datasheet
BVOCTSC OmniCarePLUS Local Network Control – Datasheet
BVOCTSHUB OmniCarePLUS Network Control Hub – Datasheet
BVOCTSPCD.M OmniCarePLUS Site Wide Control – Datasheet
BVRAMB Ambient Noise Sensing Microphone – Datasheet
BVRDACO VIGIL3 Amplifier/Line Monitor Module – Datasheet
BVRDCIMON Fire Panel Monitor Module – Datasheet
BVRDIP Remote Monitoring of VIGIL2 System – Datasheet
BVRDMHUB Longline Network Hub VIGIL2 – Datasheet
BVRDTSM Touchscreen Control Microphone – Datasheet
BVRDTSMMON VIGIL3 Configurable Touchscreen GUI – Datasheet
BVRDTSMR Touchscreen Control Microphone, Rack Mount – Datasheet
BVRDTSMS Touchscreen Control Microphone in Weatherproof Box – Datasheet
C2RRBIP CARE2 Weatherproof Enclosure for C2RRG – Datasheet
C2RRGPB CARE2 Plasterboard Backbox for C2RRG – Datasheet
C2RRSPB CARE2 Plasterboard Backbox for C2RRS – Datasheet
DTA##M IP65 Rated Emergency Assistance/Toilet Alarm Products for DTAKIT – Datasheet
DTA4 Emergency Assistance/Toilet Alarm Control Panel for DTAKIT – Datasheet
DTAKIT & DTASKIT Emergency Assistance/Toilet Alarm Kit for EVC – Datasheet
DTAKIT Emergency Assistance/Toilet Alarm Kit for EVC White – Datasheet
DTASKIT Emergency Assistance/Toilet Alarm Kit for EVC Stainless Steel – Datasheet
Eclipse4 VIGIL2 Stand Alone PAVA System – Datasheet
Eclipse5 VIGIL3 Stand Alone PAVA System – Datasheet
Networking Products for VIGIL3 Voice Alarm – Datasheet
OmniCALL EVC Introduction – Datasheet
OmniCare Control Panels – Datasheet
OmniCare System Control Panel Options – Datasheet
OmniCare Touchscreen Control – Datasheet
OmniCarePLUS Large Multi-Exchange EVC System – Datasheet
OmniCarePLUS Networking Interface – Datasheet
RPAIV & RPVS Room Panels for Local PAVA Control – Datasheet
Speech Assistance Call Toilet Alarm – Datasheet
SPRCAP15-54T Projector EN54 Loudspeaker – Datasheet
SPRCAS15-54T Column EN54 Loudspeaker – Datasheet
SPRDSP-15-54T Horn EN54 Loudspeaker – Datasheet
SPRSAFE561-54T Cabinet EN54 Loudspeaker – Datasheet
SPRVES561-54T Ceiling EN54 Loudspeaker – Datasheet
VIGIL3 System Overview – Datasheet
VIGIL3 Voice Alarm Amplifier Options – Datasheet
Voice Alarm System Monitoring Options – Datasheet

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